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I tried to make this post as good as possible. I will add CCleaner as a suggestion because I used that software a lot on Windows machines. It works pretty good and its free. The design of the site is pretty old yes. But the software is up to date and safe to use.

How to Speed up MacBook Pro: A Quick Checklist

This software demands each use, you have to enter in a name and a password. Then when I added one it said the password was wrong. This is the password for your Mac. Something you should have chosen yourself.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Mac or PC Run Faster

If you dont have any password set for your Mac just press enter and it should start. I dragged onyx into my applications folder. Do I need to do anything else to make it run? I am not computer savvy as you can tell. Thank you in advance!

Method 2. Cleanup Your Browser like Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.

You have to right-click hold CMD down when you open it and select open to allow it to run on your Mac. Thank you so much for this tips. I recently purchased Imac and this is my first mac machine.. It was difficult for me to move from window to mac as my Imac was super slow. Your tips helped me to improve speed of my Imac. Thanx for the help for my Mac mini. I have speed again. I have also installed external hard drives. I am an artist and rely on my computer for many things. This has saved me a great expense.

You are a genius. I have an almost opposite issue with sleep mode. Really strange, i would have expected Time Machine to speed up when no one else is using it but it it the opposite. I have disable the energy saver features and the screen saver now , but to no avail. I reinstalled Mavericks yesterday, which seems to make the system a little more responsive less spinning ball , but did not result in a lot of speed change.

Not sure why this happens. Never heard of time machine slowing down when the lockscreen is on. Maybe set the power saving settings temporarily off while you do the initial backup and set them back again when its done. Many thanks for this article. Both have gone increasingly slow this last couple of weeks.

I only upgraded to Mavericks about weeks ago and have all of the latest Adobe CC software on. Was getting worried it could be something more sinister. Getting the coloured wheel constantly, even just clicking on a folder to see its contents can take anything from seconds. Any suggestions? Hi Bjoernar — coincidence that 2 separate Macs are experiencing similar symptoms? What is the best way to check out the hard drive?

And could a rogue font be the problem? I got a brand new Mac with Mavericks pre-installed. The thing is horribly slow. Faster in everything!! Even replacing the desktop wallpaper takes a lot more time in OSX than Windows. Its simply boring… Have I forgotten something??

The dashboard cleaner will just change my life. I was seriously thinking about getting a pc for my next computer This was a big time changer for the performance of my iMac I have also followed your steps on this website and it is helpful. However, i still receive mackeeper ads and i want to know how to prevent them from happening?

Price was unbelievably affordable! That ought to do it! It comes in tomorrow. I plan on moving my iTunes, iPhoto, my Games, etc. Thank you! I work with audio sometimes video too i. It suggests disks? I suspect the HDDs most but maybe any extra suggestions why it can be so slow? At first glance I suspect that this issue could be related to a failing hard drive. Some drives can show symptoms like you describe. That they are slow if you access files on them. Make sure to have a backup in place the first thing you do now.

Then start up disk utility and run it all of your drives to check them. Thank-you very much for these comprehensive and easy-to-use step by step instructions — useful even for those who are not actually experiencing problems but would like to go through a cleaning process for prophylactics. Well done, thanks!

How to Fix Performance Issues for a Slow Running Mac

I just used macpaw on my macbook pro. It started a serious typing lag and spinning wheel last week. I am 71 years old and not able to figure some of this stuff out. It is not usable to me this way. Frustrated and not sure what to do next.. It did clean it up a lot but still wheel and lag. Bonnie: If you managed to clean your Mac and it still is slow and showing the spinning wheel it could be a hardware failure.

Maybe your hard drive is acting up. I am not saying that this is the case for you, but slowness can be one symptom of hardware failure. I would suggest you try the other software I have suggested in point 6 and 7. Make sure there are no hardware problems. Great guide!

I mean I get your point that hourly backup may be too much, and TimeMachineEditor does seem to be an awesome app to adjust backup frequency.

How-To: Make your Mac run silent, cool and fast under OS X El Capitan - 9to5Mac

It was a Macbook with a Hitachi hard disk drive. As a result, she lost a few hundred photos and some word docs. Had she applied a more aggressive backup schedule, the data loss strategy could have been avoided. Yep, like you mentioned in your last tip — blowed her mind! It was a really nice app to speed up web browsing experience. I hate adware and crapware too.

By the way, it seems you forgot to mention that a good computer habit may help us stay away from mac slow issues as well. Great insights Nikki and you are absolutely right about the Time Machine part. Having an up to date backup is more important than saving a few CPU cycles. I just may change that part in this guide. And also change the link in Tip 7. Yes it is true that Macs arent immune to malware anymore.

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I had a customer call and ask for advice because their system got infected by cryptolocker.