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With one click, users are able to send and receive instant messages with other contacts regardless of geographic location. Video Chat peer-to-peer: With ShoreTel Sky Communicator, users can have face-to-face conversations with one another whether they're in the same office or around the world. Voice Chat peer-to-peer: ShoreTel Sky Communicator's built-in voice functionality allows users to voice chat.

Desktop share: With ShoreTel Sky Communicator you can launch a desktop sharing session during an audio or video chatting session. Share your entire screen for collaboration activities like working on documents. You can also choose which portion of your screen you would like to share.

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File transfer: Group Chat: Chat with multiple users at once and in the same window. ShoreTel Sky Communicator automatically keeps you up-to-date and up-to-speed with automatic software updates.

Choose the link below t hat corresponds to your computer's operating system to download the ShoreTel Sky Communicator 1. Windows x64 bit Windows x86 bit What version of Windows am I running? If a pop-up dialog box appears, you can select either the Run or Save option. If you did not or were not able to choose the Run option above, navigate to the "Downloads" folder on your computer where downloaded files are normally saved , double-click the ShoreTel Sky Communicator installation file, and select the Run option.

Follow the on-screen instructions. Your contact list will automatically load with names of coworkers who are also using ShoreTel Sky Communicator. Usage and Management This section provides the following topics: Presence Status ShoreTel Sky Communicator displays a presence icon next to each name in the contact list panel to provide a visual status indicator showing the current work state of each of your colleagues.

The following list explains the meaning of each of the presence states: Green "Online" - indicates the contact is available for any type of communication Green "Free for chat" - indicates the contact is available for instant messaging Yellow "Away" - indicates the contact has manually changed their status to show that they are not available Red "On the phone" - indicates the contact is on a phone call Red "Do not disturb" - indicates the contact has manually changed their status to show that they are busy Gray "Offline" - indicates the contact is signed-in to ShoreTel Sky Communicator, but not logged into a ShoreTel Sky phone Note: Depending on your actions, ShoreTel Sky Communicator will automatically update your status as described below: When you are logged into ShoreTel Sky Communicator, your status is automatically updated to show a green icon indicating you are available "Online" When you are actively using your ShoreTel Sky business phone, your status is automatically updated to show a red icon indicating you are busy "On the phone" To change your presence status, click the Online drop-down menu located above the contact list panel shown in the image below: Instant Messaging To communicate via instant messaging with a colleague, double click the desired name in the contact list panel.

In the chat panel that opens, you can send and receive text messages in real time. When you are finished texting, just close the chat panel. When someone sends you an instant message, a notification dialog appears in the bottom right corner of your computer screen, which you can click to open the chat panel. To start audio chat, click the telephone icon below the desired name in the contact list panel To start video chat, click the movie camera icon below the desired name in the contact list panel Note: To start screen sharing, click the screen share icon below the desired name in the contact list panel.

To start a file transfer, click the send file icon shown below at the top of the chat panel while instant messageing Updating ShoreTel Sky Communicator ShoreTel Sky Communicator will prompt you at sign-on if your client needs to updated, or you can manually check for updates. Simply right click the contact to rename Voice Chat Q: You can only call other Communicator users in your office Q: Using a third party application like Trillian or Jitsi can be used on these Operating Systems to allow you to connect to Communicator. Long Description.

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ShoreTel 13.2 Release: Full Feature List

Requirements and Prerequisites. Attachments Attachment 1. Attachment 2. ShoreTel Communicator offers a set of productivity tools for better communication whether you are a standard user, an operator, whether you are working from home, on the road or based in an office. ShoreTel Communicator will allow you to. Shoretel communicator free download. A ShoreTel Communicator for the Mac?

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The Mac client is an excellent solution if you have a Mac and a ShoreTel. You can download the MAC dmg installation file. Download Quickbooks Online Mac. Communicator must be uninstalled before you can install the new Connect client so this process should be done alongside your Connect upgrade. The Connect client will not function with the While new Connect rollouts are supplied with the upgraded ST model switches, the older SG models will still work with the system.

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Please contact us to review hardware compatibility. Connect Director can now be accessed via multiple browsers. See the list below for recommended browsers and versions:.

Benefits Of The ShoreTel Communicator for Mac

See below for specific versions:. Most Advanced Applications are certified to work with both the Below are the supported server OSs for Connect:. You can upgrade in place on your existing server if you are already on an OS that is supported. There is also the option to migrate to a new server during the upgrade process.

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  5. When discussing an upgrade with support, be sure to take this portion into consideration as it affects how long your upgrade will take to complete. Connect allows administrators to choose a password strength and expiration time for client and voicemail passwords.