Rename file on mac finder

How to rename multiple files on your Mac

A consistent file name structure, including information such as the date, project, and description, can often be the best way to properly organize and locate digital data. Thankfully, Apple has recently introduced a new feature in OS X that makes this process much easier.

A new window will appear offering some basic options for batch renaming your files. Replace Text: Add Text: Again returning to our example, we could keep the existing camera file name, but just add the date at end. This option lets you get rid of the original file name entirely and replace it with your own.

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Options include creating a custom name with a numbered sequence Name and Index , a custom name with a counter Name and Counter , and a custom name with the date Name and Date. In each case, you can choose to place the counter, sequence, or date before or after the custom name. As you fiddle with your naming scheme, Finder will helpfully show you an example preview of what the files will look like at the bottom of the window. Longtime users of third party batch renaming tools will recognize that the new batch rename features in OS X Yosemite are relatively basic.

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How to Batch Rename Multiple Files in OS X Yosemite

That will change the file-selection to the next fileā€”in this case, ray2. The renamed file will move to its proper order, but you will still be in the same spot on the list.

Renaming Files or Folders on Mac / Apple Computers

You have to be quick about hitting that down arrow key, or else you'll lose your chance. And there are a few other ways to do this as well.

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  • Rename sequential files in the Finder?

If you don't mind reaching over to the mouse, you can just type in the new filename, then click on the next file in the list. The first file's new name will be saved, but the Finder won't jump to its new spot. If the files were created in sequence, you could also try sorting the Finder window by date instead of alphabetically. Five unexpected uses for the Control key. Sequenzetto 1.

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