Mac versus pc music production

Pro Tools requires a USB port for the iLok dongle — other software may require a similar device for copyright reasons. So pick a machine with the most USB ports you can.

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Or if you want to buy a Mac, budget for a dock too. Read and re-read the reviews of any machine you are going to buy. Make sure it is ultra-quiet.

Our musts for computers for making music

Beware of noisy fans and drives. Go for a machine with SSD if your budget allows. It is the quietest option. Yet for music recording, video production, and really serious gaming, a desktop is what many the pros continue to use. Does that mean you have to buy a desktop machine? Unless you have the luxury of being able to purchase a computer solely for home music production, it is likely your computer will have to be able to multi-task. However, at the end of the day a desktop computer is NOT portable.

Furthermore, you can get a lot more for a smaller budget with a laptop computer.


And if you need a laptop anyway, for school, college or work, then purchasing two different systems may not be an option. You might have to go the laptop route. Do not worry, it is perfectly possible to get exceptionally high quality recordings using a laptop. So choose the system that suits your lifestyle and budget. If you are using your laptop in a live situation, as a DJ for instance, the noise may not be an issue.

But in a bedroom home recording studio, noise matters. Much quieter and faster. Otherwise, you may have to think how you separate the noise from your laptop from your mics. Especially if you work in a low-light environment. Backlit keys are a godsend when you are searching for your keyboard shortcuts in the semi-dark. OK, so you foresake portability but go for the biggest screen you can. DAWs take up a lot of screen real estate.

Or, budget for an external monitor. Make sure you have enough inputs and outputs for your audio interface and other outboard gear. Apple changed the rules with their last release of Macbooks, and now you have to buy dongles and docks to expand the connectivity. Tower cases are built with a vertical chassis. They generally take up a small floor space, so they can fit in a tighter spot on your studio floor or desk.

Also they a more spacious inside, making them easier to get into if you want to upgrade their internal components. The ability to upgrade components as you expand your recording studio is a huge plus. And you can really get a huge amount of power for your money. This kind of computer is very customisable to your own requirements, and is therefore the most flexible.

So you have the added expense of a monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals. You also need to find room for them, usually below your desk. Having said that, many are designed to stand on your desk… but then you need a big desk!

What Makes a Good Music Production Laptop?

One benefit of the horizontal desktop pc is it could be fitted on your studio equipment rack. The main disadvantage is the space it takes up on your desk. An all-in-one PC computer has everything built into one unit, which is designed around a monitor. The main advantage of the all-in one both Windows and Mac is that you get a monitor with your purchase.

Mac vs. PC for Music Recording and Producing — Which is Better? - The Wire Realm

And often the monitor is huge, and high resolution. This makes on-screen editing a joy. As a purchase, all-in-ones are the fastest and easiest to set up and get going right out of the box. The main disadvantage is that an all-in-one computer makes changing internal components difficult. This is because since everything is built into one unit. Hard drive, CPU, and monitor. So the all-in-one looks great, and takes up less room on your desk. Com check above. I hope this guide has helped you to find the ideal computer for your home recording studio. The main takeaway is start with your budget.

Then decide on the ideal computer for your situation. If you're ready to pay extra, we recommend getting highest performance machine you can afford. Which type of Mac to choose for music production depends on what music production means for you. If it's going to be music production only, pick an iMac or a new Mac mini for the sake of stability and ease of use. If you are going to perform as well, MacBook Pro "13 or "15 are better options.

In general, any Mac that is beyond the basic tech spec will do the job quite well. Of course, it was then developed in a professional studiom, but the fact stands. The majority of songs you listen to were most likely produced at branch scale.

After all, it's not just equipment that makes particular songs stand out. The inch 5K iMac would be a reasonably high-end machine for home studios. The big Retina display will make work with complex editing software more comfortable compared to smaller options. Both the inch and inch MacBook Pro were updated with new, faster processors in , so you can consider both options. Finally, its highly portable.

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  • At Mac mini also had an updated version launch in October and is a good choice if your budget is limited. It is small, has an additional audio-in port, and can be customized with a more powerful processor and bigger RAM. Note: Keep in mind that Mac mini requires you to purchase a display, keyboard, and a mouse. When choosing the best computer for music production, consider these three main factors:.

    Mac vs PC for Music Production: Which is best for your Studio?

    The first thing to do when deciding which Mac to choose is to decide whether you need a stationary computer or a laptop. True pro audio computers desktop, tower, rack-mounts, laptops for music production—powerful systems for multitrack computer-based audio recording, post production and pro video.

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    What are we looking for?

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    I expect this machine to last me years. Highly recommended.