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Gomo comes with a range of themes you can tweak to quickly create elearning that looks modern and on-brand. There are a range of interactive templates available to bring your content to life. The interactions all sit in a two-column structure, which limits your designs a little. Pre-built templates and a quick-start wizards soften the learning curve with Gomo, so you can get up and running quickly. Being cloud-based, Gomo allows authors to collaborate on creating courses.

Lectora is an elder statesman in this arena. The Windows desktop authoring tool has been around a long time, they have now released a cloud-based HTML5 version of the authoring tool called Lectora Online, which gives great flexibility. It can be powerful when you know how to use it, but like others of this ilk, it comes with a steeper learning curve than some of the other tools in the list.

There are a ton of pre-built interaction templates available that can be used as they come or tweaked. Some aspects can be changed via the development interface, but for others you may need to use a graphics package to replace existing images. You can create great-looking elearning content with Lectora; however, you need to be a relatively experienced instructional designer and confident with the tool to do so.

The tool then automatically rescales objects to fit on mobile devices. You can then make customizations for each view to fit your desires! You need to create a new view for each device, which adds a fair amount of time to the build process. The cloud-based version of the tool enables a review and comment feature, which can speed up your iterations and keep comments from multiple stakeholders in one place.

Adapt is an open-source authoring tool that creates responsive HTML5 content.

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Developers anywhere can add new interactions to the community. The authoring tool only makes the tried and tested components from the community available to users. You can produce modern, slick-looking content with themes in Adapt, or by making your own themes. The authoring tool interface is quite nice and is relatively simple to use.

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DominKnow ONE brings together their traditional authoring tool Claro with DominKnow Flow for responsive authoring and screen capture and simulation capabilities. DominKnow allows you to start out with a range of themes and templates, which can be customized. You can also import your Powerpoint content to then edit within the tool. There are lots of templates to get you up and running quickly, and the ability to collaborate and review online speeds up the production process compared to desktop tools.

Authors can copy a course, the structure, learning objects or pages to create a unique copy of a course, which speeds things up and helps with consistency. DominKnow also has a translation export and import feature. Easygenerator is a cloud-based elearning platform that has been around since The clue is in the name…this authoring tool is focused on creating relatively simple elearning content quickly.

You can create your own templates and produce responsive designs easily with simple interactions and question types. However, the design functionality and interactions available are limited compared to other authoring tools. Comparing authoring tools? Download the free comparison template here. If you need to produce high-quality elearning at scale, then an authoring tool like Elucidat would be a great fit for you. Book a demo to learn more , and get set up with a free trial account.

Which is the best authoring tool for you? Quality of elearning output Elucidat comes with an extensive library of pre-built templates that helps even novice authors create great-looking interactive experiences.

SmartBuilder: Elearning Authoring Tool

Speed and efficiency The template library, a suite of interactions, WYSIWYG interface and the ability to apply existing styles to new projects makes creating high quality learning something you can do with ease. Scalability Designed for ambitious teams and training providers, Elucidat has many features that make it easy to scale up elearning production.

Elucidat Strengths. Wide range of interactions and features, including rules, branches and badges Out-of-the-box pages, plus the flexibility to make your own Easy to use WYSIWYG interface Powerful learning analytics dashboard Variations management to simplify working at scale Sophisticated translation process Outstanding support team, included as part of your package. Elucidat Weaknesses.

Captivate strengths. Able to produce complex interactions if you know how Output can be location aware i. Captivate weaknesses. Steep learning curve with limited support Limitations of a desktop tool — challenging collaboration, review and version control Traditional linear style design compared to more modern authoring tools Painful process to update and maintain existing content. Storyline strengths. Storyline weaknesses. Rise strengths. Easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface Quick to create good-looking relatively simple elearning content quickly Screencasting available Cloud-based — easy to update, collaborate and review.

Rise weaknesses. Content can look very generic Limited customization and flexibility No translation management Lacking in accessibility options Storage limitations in place. Gomo strengths. Gomo weaknesses. Layout restrictions limit your creativity and give courses a templated look and feel The interface is not intuitive and is tricky to use without a WYSIWYG interface Customization options may not be enough for creative visuals. Lectora strengths. Lectora weaknesses. Adapt strengths. Adapt weaknesses. Absorb LMS is a powerful cloud-based learning management system LMS designed to boost engagement and learning outcomes, while still being incredibly scalable and usable.

Clients marvel at how quickly they can get up and running, Recent recommendations: 10 recommendations. Crowd Wisdom. Crowd Wisdom is a learning management system that services the corporate extended enterprise market along with the association market. Its cloud-based services allow customers to provide a branded learning portal along with truly custom Recent recommendations: 9 recommendations.

Brainier LMS. Brainier LMS is a learning management system developed for companies of all sizes. Businesses in hospitality, insurance, banking, consulting, training, property management, real estate, telecommunications and various other industries Recent recommendations: 7 recommendations. It most commonly refers to online distance learning, but also applies to other educational contexts—such as employee training or online certification classes—in which software and computers are used more than pen and paper.

E-learning software is used to create digital educational materials. What Is E-Learning Software? What Type of Buyer Are You? E-Learning Software Market Trends. E-learning software is sometimes called e-learning authoring software. With this type of software, trainers and educators can:.

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There are other, related types of software that manage different aspects of e-learning. For example, broader learning management systems LMSs automate the administration, testing, tracking and reporting of learner progress through online courses. E-learning software has a narrower scope: It provides the tools needed to create those online courses in the first place.

Screenshot showing student progress in e-learning course designed with Cornerstone software. E-learning platforms are used to create a wide variety of educational and training materials for use in many industries, both in the public and private sectors. Given this, the e-learning software landscape includes a large selection of applications.

As a software buyer, choosing among this large selection of e-learning vendors can be a challenge. To help you understand the choices available, here is a list of applications included in many e-learning tools:. As a result, your cost can vary widely depending on what system you go with and how much functionality it has. Depending on what type of buyer you are, different types of systems may be better for your needs.

Industry experts agree, dominKnow has what it takes to deliver.

Corporate Buyer: From training new employees to helping old employees learn new policies and processes, e-learning software is used very often in the business world. Corporate buyers typically look for e-learning platforms and authoring tools that can integrate with the software used by their human resources HR department. Alternatively, there are HR platforms that offer e-learning applications either out of the box or as add-on applications. Educational Institution Buyer: Schools, colleges and universities are increasingly offering e-learning courses to their traditional, remote and continuing-education students.

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There are e-learning software platforms that address the needs of each of these use cases, including applications for creating age-appropriate materials and review lessons as well as for automating student progression across lessons. Public Sector Buyer: Government agencies use e-learning software to create courses to train and assist both employees and members of the public. Some government agencies have mandatory training requirements; many e-learning tools learning management systems include functionality—such as security and privacy protection measures—to ensure the training is presented and completed according to regulations.

For more assistance with your search, please contact our software advisors. They can explain the options available to you, help you create a short list of products to learn more about and ensure your search for e-learning software gets started on the right foot. The e-learning software market is constantly changing and evolving. Here are some market trends to look out for as you research different systems:.

Mac elearning developers unite! Demand a powerful authoring tool for OSX.

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