Reformat mac os x 10.4.11

Emerald Kamala Emerald Kamala 8 1 1 4. Usually it is the "Windows Key" a symbol with four rectangles. And the "Alt" key is equivalent to the "Option" key.

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Control is Control: You should have purchased a new iMac! Emerald, amigo: Let's get your Mac working for you: AppleSetupDone Proper restart: Enjoy, F. I up voted this because it's an easy way to resolve the immediate issue. That said though, running Mac OS X Tiger is ill-advised as there are numerous security flaws in various software components of the OS that cannot be fixed as the version of the OS is no longer supported and hasn't be for many years. It can't even support a secure web browser and will not work with many commonly used web sites and will most likely not work with e-commerce sites.

Even with the password issue resolved without having Mac OS X So either a Mac OS X This one worked perfectly first time! Thank you!! You're a life saver!!

If the above answer did not work, try this: Amorris Amorris 2 6. Please refrain from using above and or below in reference to an answer because the order is not static and the arrangement of answers may be by active , oldest , or votes and is controlled by individual users, so order is not guaranteed. The iMac does not have a built in keyboard , it's not a notebook. And the OP already stated he's using a Windows keyboard.


reformatting imac 10.4.11

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How to format a MacBook Pro version ? | Tom's Hardware Forum

Feb 27, 8 0 4, 0. My friend gave me his laptop and I want to start fresh. How do I format it. I cant log into it either because he forgot his password.

How to format a MacBook Pro version 10.4.11?

Do I need a cd? Or do I just press a button?

how to install mac osx tiger 10.4 on ibook g4

SchizTech Splendid. Jan 16, 4, 3 30, Why is this in the Windows 8 section if it's a Mac? To be clear, which operating system do you want to load on that? If that Mac had OSX