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Haddad has known Thomas for close to 15 years and says that he trusts him. Mac OS X I look at gifs, I share gifs, I respond with gifs.

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Thankfully, that has been rectified in the final release. Gifs play back just fine in tweet detail view as well as in the separate viewing window that comes up when you click an image thumbnail. Posting gifs is a bit more tricky because the default image uploader, Twitter, does not support gifs.

Tweet streaming works just as well as the original, and the pin to top issues I had seen throughout the beta seem to have calmed down in the final release. Stream position can be synced via iCloud or by Tweet Marker. The keyboard shortcuts have been updated across the board, with much more logical choices. There are the stock ones:. The basic arrow key functions of Twitter for Mac are present here, and you can navigate through your timeline or into the detail view of a tweet just by tapping those around.

The detail view of a tweet offers all of the normal options including copying a link, retweeting and more, and those can all be accessed right in the main timeline as well. Clicking on an avatar will take you to a detailed profile view with all of the usual stats and an embedded timeline view. Multiple accounts are supported, as are all of the standard Tweetbot features like muting by keyword, client, person and hashtag.

Retweets by others, lists, your profile, the new unified search, your favorites and replies fill out the sidebar. The direct message section holds an enormous history of DMs, something that the iPhone and iPad versions of the app also excel at.

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For a while there, we had a glut of great third-party Twitter clients. Like many of you, I grew to know Tweetie as Twitter , not separating the two in my mind. But, those days are gone, and Tweetbot for Mac is the likely to be the last great app of that era, unless Twitter is persuaded to change its mind. Read next: Google threatens to stop indexing French media sites over law proposal. Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail.

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Prefer to get the news as it happens? Follow us on social media. This affects the support they can give and removes the incentive to develop future apps. At first glance, it looks like each third-party app gets , tokens and then that's it, but the allocation guidelines are bit more complicated. Any app that had over k tokens in use, gets twice their value.

We had over k tokens in use for our Alpha at the time of the announcement. A built-in upper limit means developers cannot be open-ended in their pricing—the app must be priced to make the required amount of money with the available number of copies to be sold. We asked Tapbots if they knew when they might actually run out, based on the first day's sales, but Paul said that it's too early to tell. At this time we have no idea when we'll run out, we'll know better in a week or two once we can get some more data on how they are being used.

The obvious solution: simply ask Twitter for more tokens. But that doesn't appear to be possible. The guidelines don't make it clear how a developer can request more; there doesn't appear to be a formal request process, nor does it seem to be a matter of coughing up a check.

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So far Twitter remains mum on the issue. Paul was polite and politic when we asked him about what his experience has been working with Twitter through the OS X Tweetbot development process. I will also say they haven't changed their guidance from the original August 16 post and I don't believe they will.

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  4. We've been adding new features to the iOS version and have recently submitted a new build to the App Store. We'll also be submitting a new version for Mac fixing some bugs and adding a number of requested features. It's difficult to view Twitter's API restrictions as anything other than a push toward monetization of the platform, something with which Twitter has traditionally struggled. Third-party apps might potentially circumvent promoted tweets or other paid types of content, or otherwise not show users the same things the official Twitter app does.

    We and many others disagree, unfortunately it's their network and they can do whatever they want. Last edited by MightySpoon on Sun Oct 21, pm. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Aurich Lawson. There's some very angry reviews and tweets out there about this. Some users seem to think they are entitled to a "fair" price, without understanding that fair is subjective. So now Is there still no way for them to recoup access tokens that have been taken previously? Will they be able to use the access token that I had been using, or is that gone for good?

    Or do I have it all arse backwards? I'm not sure why someone would need a native Twitter app on a desktop computer when twitter. He also knows stuff about enterprise storage, security, and human space flight. Lee is based in Houston, TX. Email lee. Chronological Insightful Highest Voted Funniest.

    22 Best Mac Apps of 2012

    The thing that surprised me after reading some of the comments on articles noting Tweetbot's release price was how many people were upset with the developers. So many of these people had no real understanding that the high price was meant to recoup costs due to the limitations Twitter put on their own API. The high price also ensures that only people who really use Twitter buy the app, because once those , tokens are gone, the app's value for the company disappears and all they are left with are support costs. Actually I think the intent is for there not to be 3rd party user twitter apps at all.

    They want to leave the door open for twitter integration of business advertising from some sort of web platform or the like.

    Business use to me seems to be the only place such limits make sense. They are high enough almost no-one should hit them in high-dollar software but way too low to provide access for human beings. Twitter created scarcity for software, something practically unthinkable to most purchasers in the world of downloadable applications. Then the app vendor could put a more typical lower price on the app and not worry about using up their allotment of tokens. Of course, that's not happening if, as davolfman suggested and I've heard before , Twitter just wants to have the platform restricted to its own client.

    I don't mind a company making money, but the way Twitter is going Is there any good replacements brewing? The only thing that concerns me about having bought this software is that Twitter itself may become a less appealing service. The recent limits and warnings to developers of Twitter clients are confusing and offer a great incentive to people to seek alternatives, like app. But I expect Tweetbot will support that one day. Dear Developers, Please stop supporting our ecosystem.

    We needed you at one time, but believe we can go it alone from here on out.