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This feature comes in handy if you have letters and envelopes together in the same document, for example. For more advanced settings, choose Microsoft Word from the Settings menu. Word asks if you want to change the default settings for all new documents based on the Normal template in other words, all new, blank Word documents that you open. Clicking Default in the Page Setup dialog box changes the defaults only for the settings in the Page Setup dialog box. Like the Mac OS X version, the built-in Word view lets you see an onscreen representation of how your document will look on paper—a terrific way to avoid wasting paper on printouts that get chopped at the margin or have straggling one-line orphans on the last page.

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A special preview window opens, displaying a full view of one page of your document. Because most windows are smaller than 8.

Printed Double Page Layout

The Print Preview window opens in magnification mode. If your close inspection turns up an error, turn off the magnifying glass by clicking its toolbar icon, putting you in Edit mode, where you can make changes directly to your document. If your document is going to be bound with facing pages, you can see how the two-page spread will look by clicking and holding the cursor down on the Multiple Pages pop-up button. Drag to highlight two or more panes, and then click; Word simultaneously displays that number of pages.

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  6. When the last page of a document has just a few lines, you may want to avoid wasting that whole extra piece of paper. Word adjusts the type sizes, across the entire document, just enough to eliminate that last fraction of a page. You can dismiss the Print Preview window by clicking the close box, pressing Esc, or clicking back in any other document window. You have to do so manually.

    Booklets: Print and Fold

    Pointing to the other buttons on the Print Preview toolbar, without clicking, prompts their identifying screen tip labels. These other buttons include:.

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    View Ruler. Click to make both horizontal and vertical rulers appear. Full screen. Because of the reduced view, Microsoft gives you this one-click way to maximize the available screen space. Close button. Click to return to whatever view you were using before opening the print preview. Believe it or not, Word offers yet another swath of printing settings—none of which even appear in the usual Print and Page Setup dialog boxes.

    Just drag the intersection of the white and gray regions on the rulers you can see the special cursor shape at left. Right: Finding the spot to drag is extremely important when adjusting the left margin markers. The top part controls the first-line indent, the middle part controls the hanging indents, and the bottom part moves the other two in concert, adjusting the left margin. Remember, only the very tip of your arrow cursor is active, and when you pause your cursor for a moment over the margin markers, a screen tip appears.

    When Update fields is turned on, Word checks all the fields in your document Fields and verifies they contain the most recent information. The date is updated, for example, and captions are renumbered. Turning on Update links tells Word to check all hyperlinks Paste as Hyperlink in the document and fix any whose destination document on your hard drive has moved.

    Instead, you have to update Web links manually, as explained on Hyperlinks. Reverse print order tells Word to print starting with the last page first. If your printer puts out sheets right side up, with each new sheet on top of the previous one, this option saves you from shuffling the pages into their proper order. When Field codes is turned on, Word prints the field codes see Fields instead of the results of those codes.

    Turning it off suppresses images and prints text only. When Hidden text is turned on, any hidden text Hidden Text in your document prints, along with all the other text.

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    Print data only for forms suppresses the main text of the form document and prints only information that has been entered into form fields, as described on Preparing Data Sources. But with Fractional widths turned on, the printer possesses much greater precision and flexibility to place each character in its typographically correct position on the page. For the best-looking printouts, turn on Fractional widths just before printing. Interestingly, when you switch to Page Layout view, Word automatically turns on Fractional widths, because Page Layout view is intended to show you how the page will look when printed.

    If you have—you desktop publishing professional, you—turning on this box prints watermarks and other PostScript-generated figures on top of the text. Moreover, the Labels command is equipped for printing business cards, Rolodex cards, and other odd-shaped items. These are tools worth learning. You can also print a whole mass of labels or envelopes at once, based on addresses in your Office Address Book; see Printing labels.

    One Solution

    Practice fitting the envelope into the feed slot. Fill in the Delivery address and Return address boxes. Alternatively, click the address-card icon located next to the address box to select a name and address from the Office Address Book. Click one of the Position buttons; use the arrow buttons in the Address Position dialog box to adjust the addresses on the envelope, if you wish.

    Click Page Setup and choose the envelope size in the Print dialog box 10 is a standard business envelope. Click OK to return to the Envelope dialog box. Click OK when done. When you do, Word will create a new document to hold the envelope text. You can make name tags, Rolodex or index cards, postcards, and so on. When you buy blank labels or cards for printing, they usually come on a convenient 8. You can then detach the individual labels after printing. Type an address—or other label information—into the Address window.

    You have to change the setting in the printer Properties. How you do this will depend on your printer's Properties dialog, but there should be a setting there somewhere.

    For example, the Features tab of the Printer Preferences dialog for my printer has a check box for "Two-sided printing. Barnhill Find all threads started by Suzanne S.

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