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The step by step guide on how to burn a data disc with iTunes on Mac is given below:. Step 1. At first, create a playlist of the audio files that you want to burn on the data disc.

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Step 2. Now insert a blank disc and select the playlist. Then in the Choose file option tap on the Burn Playlist to Disc. Step 3. Select the disc format and customize the recording speed, perform a speed check and some other options. Step 4. Finally, click on the Burn button and the playlist will be burned to the DVD. You must ensure that the Data Disc in which you want to burn the data have enough space to fit the playlist. Burning the Data DVD is not that popular among the Mac users but there are still times when burning data to disc seems like a good idea.

The DVDs that are burned using a Mac OS X can be further used in Windows and Linux systems too, so it is also a better method to transfer the data between entirely different platforms. Follow the steps below to know how you can burn data DVD on Mac:. At first insert a blank disc into the Mac drive and a pop-up window will appear on the screen. From the action menu of the window, select the Open Finder option and then tap OK.

Now open a new Finder window and the blank DVD will appear in the sidebar. Now drag and drop the data files that you want to burn to the DVD. Technically speaking you are only copying these files, not moving them so the icons of the files will appear as aliases.

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When you are done adding the files, finalize the data and then click on Burn option. Another pop-up window will appear on the screen asking you to add a Disc Name and Burn Speed. Enter the labels and then again tap on Burn and the process will initiate. Step 5. You will be able to see the progress in the status window.

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Once the files are burned, the data disc will appear by its name. Rather than choosing the inbuilt software which has a little bit complex process to burn data disc on Mac or choosing the iTunes which can only burn audio files, you can select the Wondershare DVD Creator. It is the most popular software that allows the users to burn all kind of data to the DVD discs. It is a toolkit which offers complete solutions to the DVD creation process. You can also compress the files using this software.

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Many software results in quality loss and missing files during the data burning process, but the software also eliminates these risk and transfer the data without any error. The various features provided in the software makes it an ideal choice for the users. Download the software on your Mac and then install it. The added files will be displayed on the screen with their format.

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Connect with Facebook. Gearslutz is part-supported by our visitors. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. New Reply Thread Tools. Search thread. Similar Threads. My Studio. Both of my older versions of these programs will no longer run on this OS. What are you guys using for these tasks?

Mac OS X: How to Burn a Data DVD/CD/Disc on a Mac (TUTORIAL)

Originally Posted by drBill. You can use the burnfunction in disc utility!

Works for me! WaveBurner, part of Logic Studio. I don't use it for audio processing though it's possible to insert AU plug-ins etc. In the newest version of WaveBurner you can also make a DDP image, which is very useful when you need to get your master replicated directly as opposed to duplicated or send it over the Internet. Lots of options.

PMCD has quite a convoluted interface so I don't use it much and it's probably overpriced and overkill for your needs. I have a question. Why would you want to write a Redbook CD unless your a duplication house? If your a musician and burning CDs for the car than any software than burns audio disks will do the job.

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If your getting your final mixes mastered you should be giving them data files, not an audio CD. Why burn Redbook for personal use? I use WaveBurner all the time, works great.