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Maurice Maurice 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Agreed PiAhoy. The main reason to bother is to learn and as long as you have a backup, you can always do the erase and restore path I advocate. Also, quality virtualization has such a low performance penalty, why even triple boot?

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Dual Booting Explained: How You Can Have Multiple Operating Systems on Your Computer

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Download The current release is 0. Troubleshooting See the troubleshooting section for a full list. Windows does not facilitate or support multi-boot systems, other than allowing for partition-specific installations, and no choice of boot loader is offered.

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However, most current Linux installers accommodate dual-booting although some knowledge of partitions is desirable. Commonly installations proceed without incident but upon restart, the boot loader will recognize only one of the two operating systems. Windows operating systems will be found by properly installed Linux bootloaders, but Windows boot managers do not recognize Linux installations nor does Windows deal natively with Linux file systems. However, in Vista, in order to install services packs or other Windows updates it may be necessary to restore the Vista boot loader first.

Similar problems may occur with SP1 [4] or when there are cloned disks or partitions. It is often recommended that Windows be installed to the first primary partition. The boot loaders of both Windows and Linux identify partitions with a number derived by counting the partitions.

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Note, both Windows and Linux count the partitions according to the ordering of the partitions in the partition table , which may be different from the order of the partitions on the disk. Adding or deleting a partition at the end of a hard drive will have no effect on any partitions prior to it. However, if a partition is added or deleted at the beginning or middle of a hard drive, the numbering of subsequent partitions may change.

If the number of the system partition changes, it requires boot loader reconfiguration in order for an operating system to boot and function properly.

Responding to grifters problem on changing file size in windows disk manager

Windows must be installed into a primary partition and in older systems this must be the first partition. Linux can be installed into a partition in any position on the hard drive and can also be installed into logical partitions within the extended partition. If Linux is installed into a logical partition within the extended partition , it is unaffected by changes in the primary partitions. With the boot flag set on the Windows primary, the Windows Boot Manager can be used to chainload another installed bootloader by employing usage of a program like EasyBCD.

Why Bother Dual-Booting?

The software comes bundled with Mac OS X since version Previously the application was available in beta version as a download from Apple's website. Apple does not support non-Windows partition formats or drivers so therefore configuring other operating systems is not directly possible through Boot Camp itself. The Ubuntu Linux distribution is particularly popular for this purpose because they provide an option to use proprietary device drivers along with open source drivers.

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[Triple Boot] macOS 10.13 + Ubuntu 17.10 + Windows 10 on HP 15-ac126tx laptop (Intel HD5500)

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