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How To Reset Your OS X Password If You Forget It

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Here are all the local multiplayer and co-op games you can play with your friends! Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. How to set up a new Mac user account Before you get locked out: Set up Apple ID unlock on your Mac How to change your Mac user account password if you know your current one How to reset your Mac user account password using your Apple ID How to reset your Mac user account password if you know another admin account password How to reset your Mac user account password if FileVault is on Once you're back in: Create a new login keychain Before you get locked out: Set up Apple ID unlock on your Mac If you're reading this and you're not locked out of your Mac and still remember your user account password, follow these steps to make sure you have a backup way to unlock your account using your Apple ID.

Click on the Apple menu icon in the upper left corner of your Mac. Click on System Preferences from the drop down menu.

Click the lock in the bottom left corner of the window to unlock the settings. Enter your Mac account password. Click Unlock. Select your user account.

Make sure the Password tab is selected. Tick the box to Allow user to reset password using Apple ID. Click the lock again to save the changes. How to change your Mac user account password if you know your current one If you already know your current password and you just want to change it, you're in luck. Enter your current Mac account password. Click on Change Password. Enter your current password under Old password.

Enter a new password. You can use your Mac's Password Assistant to suggest one for you. Enter the new password again under Verify. Include a password hint to help you remember if you forget it in the future. Click Change Password. At your Mac's lock screen, try entering a password three times. A new option will appear after the third failed attempt. It looks like it creates a new user account as well, though, so it would be good mostly in a situation where you didn't care about the files in the account whose password has been lost. I've always used it for pre-Lion systems where the client had forgotten their login password.

Create a new, temp admin account. Use it to remove the other account's password. Remove the temp account.

5 Ways to Reset & Change a Lost Admin Password on Mac

I've never used the Directory Service command line utility because it's fairly more complicated. She had an apple computer dual booted with windows and I removed the windows password but unable to get past the startup screen asking for her apple password.

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Looks like you're retyping commands and introducing typos is instead of ls. I recommend you use copy and paste instead. If you have 1Password on multiple devices, see if your Master Password works on the others.

I forgot my Master Password. What do I do? – Dashlane

Another family or team member may be able to recover your account. This will let you choose a new Master Password. Take action immediately to find your Master Password or rescue your data:. On your Mac, 1Password makes daily backups of any standalone vaults you may have. Try older passwords.