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Your email address will not be published. I decided to download Hott Notes. All of these sticky note "apps" have the same issue: they do not give you the obvious - working links in notes!

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And I do mean note's'. When you find an app that provides working links you can open one note. What a stupid idea. Sticky notes are based on sticky notes at home. When did you see one note on a fridge? How do I get notes produced by the new "Sticky Notes" app in Windows 10 to stick to the screen like paper notes so they stay there when swapping windows?

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I cannot remove stickienotes from my computer. I would like to do that. What company are they under so I can go to my Library and delete it. Do any of these do anything other than typed text? I would like to see a Sticky Note application that can display images or hand-written notes from a stylus. The best without reservation but you will pay a lot for it if you want it on your PC. The free versions for Android and Apple are very good, as good if not better than any mentioned above. But the PC version is more than bang for the buck: insert screenshots, images, icons, write text, manage to your own memo-boards, colours galore, font variation as you wish, make notes unobtrusive, you bet, pin to internet sites, of course, reminders alerts, marvellous.

I challenge a user to find its Achilles heel But one folks when it blasts away all the competition with what it does as is. Simply put Just an update that we recently made our Android and iPhone apps completely free. Good discussion. I was fascinated by the points - Does anyone know where my assistant could possibly get ahold of a fillable TREC document to fill out? Does one of them also push the screen through a gamescreen?

I would like to set somekind of alert when I'm gaming, I used to have one that just switched from my gamescreen to the windows screen sometimes crashing the game but I would just want it to show in the game screen en disappear with a hot key or after a few seconds. Thanks for your sharing article,it will be great if it includes Efficient Sticky Notes www. If your problem with installing Stickies involved seeing a "side-by-side" error, you might like to know that I know all about it, and have written up the reason behind it on my web site. More recently, I added extra checks to the installer, so that it will spot that there's going to be a problem, and help you out pointing towards the DLLS which are missing from W8 bit.

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  6. I don't know about the author, but as a user this makes a big difference for me. The Memoboard feature of Notezilla is very helpful, allowing a sticky program to be an all-purpose note keeper in the manner of Rightnote or Keynote, without the bane of white space.

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    Please let us know if any of the other note programs have a similar feature to the memoboard. I was able to install Stickies on my 8. Have been using GloboNote ever since. Very stable, easy to search for notes and can run on many platforms. The features that I use the most are: - Stay on top - Stick to desktop means the note sstay on your desktop.

    How can you possibly miss Stickies? It is still be best one.

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    Check it out: zhornsoftware. Thanks for recommending Stickies. Has enough features for me. Easier to use than 7 Sticky Notes. Thanks it has the features I'm looking for and runs lightweight! Hot-keys, and all the other usual features nice! What about the built-in sticky notes application with Windows 7 and Windows 8? Does the job really good IMO. Simple and basic, just like actual sticky notes ;. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

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    Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I am looking for this capability too! Notezilla, does something like this, but it does NOT have a widget for Android to show the note!

    Thanks Steven for mentioning Notezilla sticky notes app. If anyone knows an alert like that please let me know Thanks! Which one app has the glass theme? Just click File and then choose Import Text to display a standard Open dialog. Optional Add text formatting, change text font, and change font color from the Font menu. From the Note menu, you can also choose to make the Sticky translucent.

    No pressing reason; they just look cool. To change the Sticky color, click the Color menu and choose the appropriate hue. Click the Login Items button and add Stickies to the list by clicking the plus button. To delete a Sticky, simply click the Close button at the upper-left corner of the Sticky window. Or click the Sticky to make it the active note and then click Close.