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I have tried all suggestions I couldn't find anything on forums alike and have tried external clients such as SwiftKit.

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Any valid assistance is treasured and I would love a quick fix friends, after all, I'm losing xp :'. Did you try downloading the client itself again Make sure you've downloaded the Mac-client. Yes I have, I have downloaded in excess of 10 times, deleted everything rs related and downloaded it again quite a few times now and it always opens to the error in the gyazo as the bar appears to load the client.

Is Java updated? And did you try deleting JavaAppletPlugin. Try Firefox and if it still doesn't work, delete the runescape game folder on your user and reinstall it through the browser Maybe even downgrade your Java before reinstalling?


Fixing Client Issues - Mac OS X

Also, check the games permissions and make sure all files of the game's folder you are able to access for your user, it may be the reason for the sudden crash. And don't forget to check activity monitor and console to see what's causing the crash. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I cannot open Runescape Mac Client. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

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OS x Lion doesn't have Java installed by default as Apple is depreciating it, meaning they don't want to run that anymore on Mac's. There is a lot of security issues lately with Java, you should seriously consider the source of that jar file because it's likely malware or malware is on your machine if your seeing this in a window or something strange.

Next use the Java Preferences in your Utilities folder to activate it, in Harden your Mac against malware attacks.

Apr 27, PM. It is basically a container file often used to package up java based applications. They can be run:. If you want to unarchive the.

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Download The Unarchiver below. It will open almost any file. Jul 11, AM. Sep 12, AM. Don't know if anybody still having problems launching jar files, but I was able to create an app that uses the Terminal command to launch a jar and made a simple app that permits the user to again launch with only a double click.

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Aug 7, PM. Question: Q: Why can't I open a.

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