Physical and mac layer of wimax

This is the standard that WiMAX is based on.

ZigBee Concepts 2: MAC and PHY Concepts for ZigBee Networks

The IEEE The group's initial focus was the development of a LOS-based point-to-multipoint wireless broadband system for operation in the 10GHzGHz millimeter wave band. The resulting standard-the original Further revisions resulted in a new standard in , called IEEE The basic characteristics of the various IEEE Note that these standards offer a variety of fundamentally different design options.

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Similarly, there are multiple choices for MAC architecture, duplexing, frequency band of operation, etc. These standards were developed to suit a variety of applications and deployment scenarios, and hence offer a plethora of design choices for system developers. In fact, one could say that IEEE For practical reasons of interoperability, the scope of the standard needs to be reduced, and a smaller set of design choices for implementation need to be defined.

WiMAX Cross-Layer System for Next Generation Heterogeneous Environments

The WiMAX Forum does this by defining a limited number of system profiles and certification profiles. It should be noted that the mandatory and optional status of a particular feature within a WiMAX system profile may be different from what it is in the original IEEE standard.

For encryption, WiMAX supports a advanced encryption standard b triple data encryption standard c both advanced encryption standard and triple data encryption standard d none of the mentioned View Answer Answer: c Explanation: None. Devices that provide the connectivity to a WiMAX network are known as a subscriber stations b base stations c gateway d none of the mentioned View Answer Answer: a Explanation: None.

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WiMAX is mostly used for a local area network b metropolitan area network c personal area network d none of the mentioned View Answer Answer: b Explanation: None. Currently the convergence sublayer only supports IP and Ethernet, although other protocols can be supported by encapsulating the data.

  • WiMAX MAC Layer.
  • WiMAX MAC Layer | Electronics Notes?
  • WiMAX MAC Layer.
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It is possible to use variably sized MPDUs from different flows - these can be included into one data burst before being handed over to the PHY layer for transmission. Conversely, one big MSDU can be fragmented into multiple small ones in order to further enhance system performance. This level of flexibility gives significant improvements in overall efficiency. The WiMAX MAC layer has been developed to provide the functionality required for a point to multipoint system and to provide wireless broadband.