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Go to Sys Prefs and try again. Oh and: I would NOT just delete the files as root, because the system will still think the user's there, which could possibly lead to other problems. Or you'd have to get into NetInfo in order to then remove the user from the system. I would urge you to try the stuff I've said in above message instead. Easier, cleaner for Mac OS X.

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Not a bad idea to keep a test account. Open terminal 2. Mackey Registered. Hey, when I type in sudo -s it sais that I am not a sudouser?

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Can someone help me? That means your user is not an administrator. Hi Mackey, and welcome to the forums. Lots of good help here.

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I would recommend asking your question here by starting a new thread. This current thread you just posted in is nearly four years old. But is there a way to delete account without beeing an admin? Giaguara Chmod Staff member.

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Naser Registered. Hi, I have a similar problem-- cannot delete a user on my Mackbook pro.

I click ok but still the user is there. I tried to delete through the root users, the same result, I tried to change the ownership as described by fryke the owner ship change step was successful but the situation is the same, cannot delete and get the same message. I tried to delete it from the terminal as explained by filthuponyouOSX and get the following message: bash Even though I have deleted the software from my Applications file, it still appears in my Launchpad.

And dragging to the trash does not work, either. Do you guys have this problem? How can I delete software on Mac that won't delete? Uninstalling unused Mac applications is one of the ways that used frequently by users to deal with low disk space issue and speed up Mac computer. And it can be done from the Finder or Launchpad.

Open Launchpad, hold down an app's icon until they start to jiggle, click on the delete button x. Both of these two ways are easy and only take simple steps. But, as you can see from the above case, sometimes, App won't delete from Launchpad or Finder due to unknown reasons. When you have run into a problem while uninstalling applications on Mac, how can you get the problem fixed?

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It can help you delete an app that won't move to the trash or cannot be deleted from Launchpad with no problems. Step 2. Arefe Arefe 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges.

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Does converting the standard user to an admin change anything? To check this possibility, enter the who in a terminal. Restart the Mac and log back in as your main admin account. Fixed it for me. Hope this helps! DavidT DavidT 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges.

Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. For those of you getting here after me, this is the solution. Don't bother booting into a recovery partition; it is completely unnecessary. Just reboot your machine and then remove the user.

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How to delete a user account on MacBook

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