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As you can see from the above picture since this lipstick is in cremesheen format it gives that glossy effect without the whole annoying sticky feeling which you get from a lip gloss. Since it gives that glossiness effect, it gives the illusion of a much more plumper lips. Just be careful to use a matching lip liner to line the lips properly and for a perfect lip application I would suggest using a lip brush for that perfect stroke finish.

The only con I have with creamy lipsticks is that eating and drinking can get messy so be super extra careful.

And if you do a light hand touch of blotting with a tissue then you get a matte look to it but I prefer the creamy look, more delicious looking that way: Wet n Wild megaLast lip color- Shade: In The Flesh. MAC Ruby woo is that red shade that would suit all skin tones.

Bobbi Brown Lipstick Crimson, Cherry Pink, MAC Dubbonet, Dare You, MAC Blush Fever

If you are into halal makeup then there is a bad news for you. I was really sad after researching and finding it. That is it guys. I hope you guys liked this post. I am definetely going to buy some of the above mentioned Wet n Wild lipsticks. Which one are you going to buy?

Top 7 affordable nude lipsticks for fair and Indian skin tones swatches. Miss claire soft matte lip cream Review and swatches Rs. Aww, how many kitties do you have? Do they still try to climb up your leg? Tabs does this thing where he grabs my leg or arm … whatever appendage is closest with both of his front paws. He holds it tight, and then takes a big kitty love bite out of it. Have fun at the MAC counter and let me know what you end up getting! I think I might be very upset if your blog crashed. Product Review: Tabs sounds sooo cute. Stay in touch is my favorite on you, I think.

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So would you say these are kinda like a thicker, more coverage lustre? BTW, I started reading Twighlight yesterday…. Oh no… poor thing. What does she look like? I like it though, because it makes me feel useful. I put some on in the afternoon, and then drank a bunch of water from a glass, and then two hours later it was practically gone. Soooo, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob so far? Regarding Cremesheens, you hit it on the nail. It does feel thicker than lustre and it has more coverage.

At the same time though, they feel moisturizing on the lips and they have a nice slickness. Her name was originally Jacob until we realized she was a girl, then it was Tinkerbell, then it was Bambi and now I settled on Babycake. How old is Tabs? I was allergic to dogs too but got one of those, and after a month of non stop sneezing my allergies to all animals has vanished!

Hi Karen. On Hold looks very nice on you. Stay in touch is indeed a gorgeous color, thank you for recommending it to me. I need to check the formula out first since my lips are in chappedville these days.

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My Makeup Blog: Fall Wishes. So they all look cute, cute! But did you buy all 14?

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If so ,how did you do it girl? Marisols last blog post.. TILT 9. I have purchased this before reading your blog. I bought party line, dare you and modesty. I am loving all of them For some reason the picture of party line on your blog looks way different to the color of the one I bought.

Top Favourite MAC Lipsticks - Indian/Asian/Tan/Olive Skin Tones - Vithya Hair and Makeup Artist

I thought it would come out like a concealer colour but it came out more pinky so i was a little disapointed, but i like this colour. I use it all the tome with my MAC foudation which i just bought.

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OMG — Babycake is such a cutie! I love the expression on her face. She looks like one sassy kitty. What kind of personality does she have? Is she clingy, like Tabs, or does she like to do her own thang? I think Tabs is about two years old. When he first started coming around this time last year he looked really young, and the pads on his paws were very smooth like they are in young cats. Funny thing: Tabs has put me on the fast track to becoming a full-fledged Crazy Cat Lady. Have a good weekend! MAC has some nice bronzers; the color selection is a bit more extensive than other lines. Have a good weekend and enjoy your new lipstick.

I remember that kind of, was he a stray? All I remember is something about him sitting in your car, haha. I changed my mind on the chihuahua. This is a super useful post cuz the colors look very different on lips vs in the tube. Well, I thought I would make it an even 50 for your comments.