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Therefore, validation should be done at the engine to prevent them from being entered in the first place. Version-Release number of selected component if applicable : 3. Actual results: The NIC updates successfully. Expected results: An error should prompt a unicast MAC address to be entered instead. The verification should also be done when configuring a MAC address pool range. Additional info: Multi cast MAC address is defined by having the most significant bit of the most significant byte set to 1.

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I presume that those other multicast MAC addresses those from IP multicast groups don't put the interface into promiscuous mode, and I'd like to avoid it too The netgraph interface might do what I need, but it's not yet obvious to me how to make it do that The way I understand, "promiscuous mode" IS required on interfaces which should pass traffic for other MAC addresses than device's lladdr. If Linux can use multiple lladdrs, with or without explicit promiscuous mode, it may put the interface in promiscuous mode without telling you.

The only difference is that you may call this "limited promiscuous mode". There are commercial solutions which don't work without promiscuous mode, such as VMWare, I never heard of VMWare admins complaining about 'permanent promiscuous mode'. Also, the 'bridge' facility of any OS won't work without promiscuous mode, whether is done on usersace or kernel space.

Configuring Static ARP Table Entries For Mapping IP Addresses to MAC Addresses

And the last thing: cisco protocols are desogned fir cisco devices. The hardware on those devices is not the same as on your desktop or server, so don't expect them to perform identically. These devices use specialized hardware, with filters and queues implemented in silicon. Now I have a question for you: assuming that you configure a protocol-specific lladdr on a device, do you think that other devices, using the same protocol on the same network segment, will remain unaffected?

There is another feature in Linux cluster IPs where you assign a multicast MAC address to the whole cluster , and of course as I mentioned, joining multicast IP groups does the same thing. Every time you join a multicast group up to some limit , your NIC should not go into promiscuous mode. There are actually a number of other well-known non-IP multicast groups for non-IP protocols. LLDP and CDP messages are not allowed to be forwarded by anyone else - including bridges, and are only visible to the recipient at the other end of the link.

So, yes, I know for sure that no one else is affected by my listening to these two addresses. How this works in practice is that about once every minute or so, your switch creates a unique packet that it sends to only you - and it contains information that is unique to your port - like the port number you're connected to, and the settings of the port you're connected to.

Ethernet Switches by Charles E. Spurgeon, Joann Zimmerman

This packet is not sent in any sense on the broader "network" - it is a private communication between your switch and you. If there is a switch between you and your LLDP-conforming switch, it is supposed to block that traffic and not forward it.

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  • You are not allowed to forward it - at least in theory ;-. My old, cheap, unmanaged mbit switches pass LLDP through - but my newer cheap unmanaged gbit switches block it.

    MAC Address Management Process

    The VMware solutions probably put the NIC into promiscuous mode when they overflow the MAC table of the NIC - or maybe they just give up and do it from the start - because they know they will overflow it. What I hear you saying is that you don't believe there's any way I can get FreeBSD to do what I want it to - followed by justifications and explanations of why it's not important.

    Flooded network due HP Networking Switches & Windows NLB

    I wasn't trying to judge FreeBSD - just trying to take best advantage of its features - and explain why this is something I try to do when I can. And maybe you're right, in the grand scheme of things maybe it is unimportant. Thanks for your time and patience!

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    • – libvirt should raise an error when set network with special/invalid MAC address.
    • Expected unicast mac address found multicast.
    • AlanR said:. Samuel Chen samuel. Brian Haley brian-haley wrote on : 1. Any part that is '00' will be randomized That's obviously not going to produce the same results.

      Qual a diferença entre Multicast, Broadcast e Unicast?

      This is a random code enhancement. Brian Haley brian-haley on Boden R boden wrote on : 2.

      EOS: How to configure multicast mac to stop flooding of NLB server traffic via slow path

      I can try it out and see if any of the main consuming projects break. Brian Haley brian-haley wrote on : 3. Boden R boden on OpenStack Infra hudson-openstack wrote on : Fix proposed to neutron-lib master 4. OpenStack Infra hudson-openstack wrote on : Fix merged to neutron-lib master 5. Thanks for the fix. See full activity log. To post a comment you must log in.