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Chrome operates on a rolling release, meaning that it is updated frequently and it is not easy to track specific versions. Our best advice is to make sure you are using the most recent version available. On Mac and Windows this is built into the Chrome application itself. Firefox, produced by the non-profit Mozilla Corporation, is a freely available, open source browser for Mac, Windows, Linux, and other systems.

Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Mac - Comparison of Web Browsers

Like Chrome, Firefox is updated frequently, so it is not feasible for us to recommend a specific or even minimum version. Recent versions of Firefox will automatically update themselves on Mac and Windows.

Safari is distributed with Mac OS X. We do not support the Windows version of Safari. Microsoft Edge is the new web browser for Windows 10; it replaces Internet Explorer.

Firefox is also easy for web developers to use, especially with its social API, which allows developers and users to explore social media connections thoroughly. OmniWeb offers Mac users impressive control over viewing preferences.

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Instead of seeing a one-size-fits-all webpage or even a responsive page, this browser lets users change nearly any website's appearance. The look of any webpage is in your hands, as you can change elements like the font size and color.

Best Web Browsers (Mac & PC)

Since OmniWeb also offers Ad Blocker as a built-in feature, users can further customize what they see by hiding ads. Although OmniWeb is a less-conventional choice and has fewer advanced search functions, it makes a great option for internet users who want to have control over the look of the sites they view.

A full-featured browser with many customization opportunities, Chrome is the best of all worlds.

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Not only is this browser the fastest out of all the primary options, but it also has many add-ons for a personalized browsing and ample troubleshooting. For developers, Chrome has plenty of options and customization opportunities.

About Silverlight

The browser also offers advanced syncing among devices and apps, so if you're constantly multitasking during your web-browsing sessions, Chrome is a great choice. For Silverlight-related forums, blogs, and community resources visit the Silverlight Support and Community page. Microsoft designed Silverlight with the ability to deliver high-fidelity experiences on the broadest set of system configurations. Some features, such as HD video, may benefit from the power contained in newer personal computers. As you review Microsoft Silverlight, please feel free to consult any of the many additional resources provided.

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More information can be found at the following locations:. Prepare for Silverlight 5 end of support after October About Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight is a free web-browser plug-in that enables interactive media experiences, rich business applications and immersive mobile apps.